Momentum for Change

Annual report of UNFCCC's initiative exposing a selection of 2018’s most relevant climate action projects

The design of the report develops around two main aspects: the idea of geography and the colors of the four categories (Pillar Areas) in which the selected projects are grouped. On the homepage an interactive globe shows the locations of the Lighthouse Activities offering an introduction to each one. The function of color shifts between decoration and information, indicating the presence of all or one particular Pillar Area with gradients or a single color respectively.

In 2018 Momentum for Change awarded 15 projects of climate action selecting them from a total of 569 applications submitted from all around the world. The winning projects, called Lighthouse Activities, were chosen according to principles like scalability, state of implementation, innovation, potential for long-term transformational change, ability to bring verifiable social and environmental benefits. The report explains the selection process in detail and has a dedicated page for each Light house Activity.

The landing screen features an interactive globe that shows where the 2018 Lighthouse Activities are located. The globe can be zoomed and rotated, the markers give access to the Activities' details. Clicking on a marker reveals a preview of the Lighthouse Activity. The cover image is framed in the globe while the background color corresponds to one of the four categories.

The content has been divided in five chapters. Chapter I introduces the Momentum for Change initiative. It includes an opening statement by UNFCCC's Executive Secretary, an overview of the four Pillar areas and an explanation of the open call, the selection process and criteria. Chapter II explains the four Pillar areas in more depth and showcases the Lighthouse Activities for each one. Chapter III covers the presence of the initiative at the Climate Conference held in Katowice in December 2018, featuring a calendar of events and related media. Chapter IV is about the outreach activities of the initiative during the year 2018, showcasing social media stats and news coverage. Chapter V is about the people behind UN Climate Change and the Momentum for Change initiative.


2018 Lighthouse Activities overview. The video is narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

For the past nine years, UN Climate Change’s Momentum for Change initiative has been shining a light on global climate action by citizens, organizations, businesses and governments. Each year, we recognize some of the most innovative and impactful action happening throughout the world. We refer to these as “Lighthouse Activities” and the Momentum for Change 2018 Annual Report highlights 15 such activities and projects.

Patricia Espinosa
, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary

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