Stories behind a line

Interactive data visualization narrating the trips of six asylum seekers from their home country to Vercelli, Italy

I was arrested on the day I arrived in Tripoli. I escaped from prison one month later, after a collective revolt. After the escape, I was hosted by a prison companion’s brother. I stayed there for a week and then I decided to leave Libya, because it was too dangerous. I left Libya on 12 April 2016.

M.B. from Ivory Coast, 18 years old

I was arrested in Tripoli and remained in jail for 2 months. I escaped after a revolt. After escaping, I stayed in Tripoli for 8 months, working and living with a prisoner. After 8 months, I was arrested a second time. One month later I escaped again and stayed in Tripoli for 4/5 months. I left Tripoli because it was too dangerous. I preferred to come to Italy rather than dying there.

S.S. from Mali, 20 years old

I arrived in Tripoli in a truck, hidden under some blankets with many other people. They put us in the trucks as if we were objects. It was too hot and we couldn't move because there were so many people. When we arrived in Tripoli we were stopped by the police and got arrested. We stayed in jail for 2 months and a week. Then me, my brother and two other people managed to escape. We worked as bricklayers for 5 months. We left Libya with his brother on June, because it was too dangerous. I could die any day.

M.D. from Guinea, 27 years old


Stories behind a line wants to tell the stories of six asylum seekers who arrived in Italy in 2016. The project has been conceived by Federica Fragapane and stems from her interviews to M.B., S.S., M.D., A.L., S.W.G. and T.K., who have been hosted at Vercelli CAS Migrantes, Anteo Social Cooperative Onlus.

Map view of the trip of M.D. from Touba, Guinea to Vercelli.
The trip of M.D. visualized focusing on distances and time taken.

I'm extremely thankful to them, because they shared with me their painful memories. I decided to tell their stories through data and numbers – traveled kilometers, hours spent, transportations – because I think that this information in its simplicity can really depict the exhausting and dangerous experiences lived by persons who are looking for a better life.

Federica Fragapane, information designer

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Visual design, UX/UI, Front-end

When and where

2017, Vercelli


Federica Fragapane
Vercelli CAS Migrantes
Thanks to the asylum seekers who decided to share their stories with us